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7 Usual Causes of Data Loss
« on: April 19, 2017, 11:16:35 AM »

More than often people are not quite aware what are the risks associated to their digital devices and digital lives and how to avoid them. Most usual reasons of data loss are concerned and connected to your everyday lives - the way you handle, save, and store your data.
Accidentally deleted files
Accidently deleting important files or parts of data are one of the top risks of losing data without having any backups available for the same data and information. It is a part of your regular activities to update your files or overwriting the parts of the file or deleting wrong files. There is no wonder that while doing these regular activities, you may accidently overwrite or delete parts you don’t intend to.  Most of the people have told that losing some data while everyday work is so common that they do not even perceive this accidental data loss as real risk any more.
Computer users often lose data simply because they do not have proper backup strategies and workflow procedures. Creating backups regularly, and applying more efficient procedures for saving your work will definitely save a lot of time for you.
Viruses and malware
You may be surprised to know that there are millions of threats which target computer users and machines connected to an online network. There are multiple new viruses created and spread everyday to trap the computer users through new approaches and programs. There is n doubt that it has many advantages of being connected to worldwide network, but at the same time it opens computers to many security threats and serious risks.
Risks, viruses, and infections may differ greatly so as their affects, but the most of viruses and infections affect operational software, damage stored data, and misuse Internet connection. There are a wide variety of viruses and, often, data loss may be just a side effect of a severe damage done to your operational system.
The most dangerous types of attacks are targeted attacks which are done with the intention to steal and damage business data. Hackers and attackers do this after having an imaginary value of client databases, company’s industrial information essential for financial or manufacturing transactional history of companies, company’s technical inventions, and other crucial information. There will be a strong interest to acquire this information when there is serious monetary value. Hackers create a faulty impression of failure in your operational system to hide their evil intentions and cover tracks as it is more convenient for them.
You may install operational system and programs easily even if your computer is damaged badly by malware and viruses if you have installation disks available.  You can get back your original data also if you have been creating the regular backup of your data. The data that you have lost may be of high value so make it a habit of creating backups.

Hard drive’s mechanical damages
Probably, the most fragile parts of computers are hard drives because they break down more often in comparison to any other device concerned with the computing environment. There is no wonder why hard drives break down easily as there are so many moving parts inside of hard drives. Though there are a few ways you may recover the data from faulty hard drives, but there is no guarantee that you can recover your lost data from faulty dives. Moreover, if it will be possible to recover your data, it may cost you ample amount of money.
There may be various manufacturing defects also responsible for the hard drive damage apart from you hard drives are just dying their natural death. The need of storing more and more data grows every day and it becomes an issue if you have a limited space on the disk. The smallest imperfection may also affect the function of the hard drives or memory devices may also damaged if computers are accidentally dropped.
No one can afford to take the risk of losing 4-5 years (or more) data stored on the hard drive. Regular backups really help In case of hardware troubles, regular backups actually helps. Your data is not lost forever even though the hard drive is damaged or you are failed to access it from the drive if you have the opportunity to get the latest version of your data from safe storage. Accessing your data from safe storage allow you to continue using your data even after any type of hardware failures.
Power failures
Power failure may have an adverse affect in two scenarios: one you lose your data when power going out if you are halfway through writing a long document and you have not saved it yet. Another case may be similar example may be, you are creating detail-rich graphic illustrations or working with sophisticated databases, you get imagine how frustrating and annoying it may be for you if all your efforts went in vain because of power failure.
The more serious problem may encounter when power failures affect hardware of computers or operation systems. Improper computer shut downs may also cause problems with rebooting operation system later. Such operation system issues cause chain reaction and you may lose your data or may not be able of accessing that anymore.
Sudden voltage fluctuations may also responsible for damaging many different parts of a computing machine. Changing power supply can be helpful in solving most of the problems, but it may also possible the other factors like strong magnetic fields and abrupt changes in voltage may also damage other hardware elements. If you have automatic backups, it will help you in recovering from such incidents. Replacing damaged hardware part is not so difficult and painstaking in comparison to data loss if you haven’t created backups and data is lost due to lightning or any other power interruptions. Your data will be more secure if you keep them in a safe place and make regular backups.
Theft of computing machine
It is very tragic to lose your data as well as computing machine at the same time. You cannot avoid an accident if it has to happen. There is always the danger of burglars breaking in to your office or home and stealing electronic devices. Or it may be possible that you are travelling and thieves have snatches it from you or you may leave it unattended at the places like coffee shops, conference centers, in an airport, or any other crowded place. If this happens, you have to bear double loss: monetary as well as data loss. Your data is more expensive than your new computer’s cost. Data loss is a big loss even if you haven’t any business or financial data on your computer. You special moments, family photographs or other heirlooms are definitely more valuable to you.
If you follow proper data backup strategy and keep data in safe storage, losing your computer may not be so painful because in this way you will be able of recovering your data and information even though you don’t have your computer any more.
Spilling coffee, and such other damages
Laptop usage has been grown during past few years as most of the people like portable devices. Now people prefer to have meeting at coffee shops or in the offices or at home also while having tea or coffee. If you accidently spill the coffee or any other drink on your laptop, it may also damage your machine. To protect internal parts from getting soaked, average laptop does not have extra covers and once internal parts of the laptop soak liquids, it causes short circuit of important electronic components which are really difficult to recover afterwards. Though, hard drives are usually placed in protective case, so you may use them even they got little wet, but in case of harder soaking, hard drives inaccessible.
Another risk of the same category is dropping your machine into water. It may happen that you are just crossing swimming pool and got hit by something that cause dropping of the laptop in the water. In this case, it is quite hard to fix the machine, but taking out your laptop at once and visiting a repairman quickly can save some hardware parts of your otherwise useless computer. The damage may be less severe if computer was switched off at the moment of falling into water. Such accidents usually cause data los saved to the hard drive. In such situations also, safe data backups guarantee that you will not lose your data even if you accidently spill some liquid on your computer.
Explosions and fire accidents
Explosions are a rare case, but fire most probably destroys both your data saved on the computer as well as computer itself. If you have create the backups on the external hard drive and they are in the same house and your house catches fire then also your data is in danger. To avoid such situations, the safest practice is to create regular backups and keep them in other locations including offline as well as online. Make backups of your data and do not let accidents hit you unexpectedly.
If you face any of the above data loss cause, then don’t panic at all. Just contact technical support for data recovery for immediate help. Technicians will help you to get your data back with few simple steps. 

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7 Usual Causes of Data Loss
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