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Author Topic: Measures to Fight Against Digital Extortion  (Read 738 times)


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Measures to Fight Against Digital Extortion
« on: January 01, 2018, 01:57:17 PM »
As soon as we are forging ahead in terms of technical advancements, we are witnessing more digital extortions. We hear the news about virus attack, hacking activities, and other cybercriminal attempts made by the intruders and cybercriminals. Digital extortion is a practice of breaching the defense layer of the computer users or the network and server of any organization and locking the important information so that the user cannot be able of accessing it at any instant. To encrypt and lock the digital information of individuals and corporates, malware and infections writers and developers writes and develops specific programs and bundle them with the third-party downloads often and sometimes with the genuine programs as well. Once they infection has managed to reached to your device and gets installed, it starts affecting the data stored and saved on the device. Ransomware are rampant and holding hostage of the infected computers until their developers’ and writers’ monetary demands are meet. In fact, there are programs that hold the hostage even if you pay ransom.

In the fast-moving world of computers and the Internet, ransomware and entities of similar nature poses a serious threat and hit hard to your not only installed programs, but inbuilt software as well like your Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. Using the power of encryption technique, they can lock important files like images, videos, audio, PDF files, MS Office files, etc. and you may end up losing your important data. Ransomware is malicious software that restricts the user access to the infected machine and demand to pay the ransom in exchange of unlocking the information. It shows you the notification of money demanded to give back access to you.  Ransomware, also known as scareware, ask you to pay substantial amount. They may deceive you in that matter also, means it is not certain that you will get back the access to your locked files. Ransomware put the vast challenges for the computer users So it is important that you take the precautionary measures to avoid the risk of getting attacked by the malware.

You may get malware from various sources including malicious attachments of spammed emails, installation of fake software updates, vulnerabilities in outdated software & unpatched OS, by visiting compromised websites, infiltrating PC via fake and compromised software, etc. Ransomware attack locks your system, or encrypt your files to make them inaccessible. To avoid this situation, one need to take care of few things and comply with few necessary steps to ensure the security of your data and information against ransomware, malware, or any other kind of infection.
Here are the few suggestions that you need to take care of:

•   Create the back up of your data so that you never lose your important information. This practice will safeguard your valuable data.
•   Avoid clicking on and opening suspicious and spam emails and their attachment.
•   Patch and update all the programs you are running including your operating system, anti-malware, firewall, Adobe Flash Player, Java, browsers, etc.
•   Reduce the risk of identity theft by setting complex and difficult to guess passwords for different accounts.
•   Turn off the Internet connection immediately if you observe any suspicious activity or process running.
•   Setup a strong firewall protection and install and run a real-time anti-malware remediation tool.

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Measures to Fight Against Digital Extortion
« on: January 01, 2018, 01:57:17 PM »


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