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Author Topic: Let’s Find Out What Google’s the New Daydream View has to Offer  (Read 723 times)


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and this year Google has unveiled its newest version of the Daydream View headset. Google announced the second-generation Daydream View along with its other devices at Pixel 2 event.

Google announced that this device is compatible with most of the smartphones and will work with the newly announced Pixel 2, the older Pixel, the Galaxy S8, the S8+, the Note 8, the Moto Z, and the Moto Z2. It is compatible with TV shows customized for virtual reality and a YouTube library of original movies.

Google has increased the Daydream's starting price is $99, which is $20 extra than the previous model. There are few added features and changes that increases its cost including a wider field of view, a removable head strap for more comfort, and a slot for the controller. However, the overall designed is the same like previous ones, but this time it is available in three different colors. So now you can choose from Charcoal, Fog, and Coral instead of Slate, Snow, and Crimson. Change of fabric isn't just aesthetic, but clinical as well. At the time of the first Daydream and to make it feel like clothing, Google worked with fashion companies, but for the Daydream View headset, it's supposed to resemble furniture upholstery says VR product manager.

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