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Author Topic: How Windows Users Can Easily Switch Between Multiple DNS Servers  (Read 607 times)


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You may have come across DNS servers while getting around blocked contents or while trying to boost your Internet speed. DNS servers are used for translating website domain names into IP addresses.

Though, it is fine if you are using your ISP’s default DNS, but you will have lots of advantages if you customize your DNS. But to change your DNS provider requires you to dig deep into your computer settings which is quite a hassle and also it is not at all easy to keep all those DNS server IP addresses. Thankfully, there is a small utility that will be helpful in solving both these issues.

How to Switch Between Multiple DNS Servers?
1.   Download the free Public DNS Server Tool.
2.   Extract the downloaded ZIP and run the PublicDNS.exe file inside.
3.   Allow admin access for the app. Once the app is launched, you’ll see its main interface.
4.   First, for easy restoration, you should create a backup of your current DNS settings. For the same, choose Backup > Backup from the menu bar and select a location to save the backup.
5.   Once you are done with creating backup, head to the top dropdown menu and choose your wireless card from there. Or if it is applicable to apply change for all of them, choose all. If you have both an Ethernet and wireless connection available, you might see multiple options.
6.   Now use the list to select the DNS server you want to use.
7.   Public DNS tool currently supports 16 options, including Google’s Public DNS, Cloudflare’s new DNS, OpenDNS, and more.
8.   The server with which you want to use is highlighted, click Change.
9.   Your DNS options have been changed successfully.
10.   For restoring your original settings, visit Backup > Restore and import your backup file.

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