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Author Topic: Here is the Smart Earpiece to Translate Languages on the Down Low  (Read 706 times)


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Do you want to roam the entire world? Well, it is a good interest to see every corner of the world, but this interest creates difficulties sometime like how to communicate with others who speak different language than yours. Just consider the scenario that you are just visiting a foreign country let’s say you are in France and want to ask about the best place to dine or really good food and you have asked the locals and you don’t understand their language. They suggest you to visit the best brasserie and you completely misunderstood them and go to a lingerie shop. This is a big miss that instead of showing up at a delicious French restaurant, you show up at a shop that is nowhere related to what you are looking for.

To avoid such scenarios and save you from facing embarrassing situations, Waverly Labs has invented and designed Pilot Translating Earpiece that can stop you from not going the unwanted shop again. This is the device that translate the different language that different people speak. For the convenience of understanding each other, keep the one ear piece with you and hand over the second one to the persona you want to communicate with and start talking to each other. This is as simple as that. In this way you can also pretend as if you are a native speaker of a particular language.       

The Pilot Translating Earpiece device use noise-canceling microphones and its earpiece filters out ambient noise when you speak to someone or listen to him/her. To provide you the this much convenience and facility, the device use speech recognition machine translation, machine learning, and speech synthesis technology for translating any language and the second ear piece does the same in return simultaneously without interruption.

If we take a note to the batteries, you will find that the earpieces should last all day, and they're also ideal for making voice calls, streaming music, and audio notifications. They can get any of the three color: red, black, and white. They can translate most of the majorly spoken languages speak by the people of the world.

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