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Author Topic: 5 Ways to Fight Against the Malicious Software  (Read 730 times)


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5 Ways to Fight Against the Malicious Software
« on: July 31, 2017, 12:50:54 PM »
Malware is a very common term that you have heard multiple times as it stays at the center of the news related to every day’s online activities. There are so many incidents which explain how cyber criminals find new ways to insert cyber threats into our lives. The list of malware-based attacks is getting long day by day which includes accidents from a strain residing within medical devices, to executing an entire attack campaign on banks across the world, to a variant that has learned to self-heal.
From the past malware attacks, one thing that you can clearly figure out that today’s malware writers are not only making their malware programs more adaptive, but also using the advanced tricks to spread them on more and more devices than before. Now devices beyond computers, laptops, and phones are becoming the target of malware attacks and these malware creates longevity behind each cyber attack they spearhead.

There may be many forms that malware and malicious programs may resume so it is important to understand what they are and in which form they may attack.

What is Malware?

Malware is the abbreviated term for malicious software. Malware is used in generic term to describe any type of software program or code specifically created to exploit a computer or mobile device or the data stored on it, without your consent. Most of the malware designers write such codes to earn some financial gain. Malware programs provide a way to the cyber criminal and crooks to extract data so that they can leverage over victims and earn some monetary gains. Malware and such other programs leverage the information ranging anywhere from financial data, to personal emails and passwords, to healthcare records, and much more. The possibilities of what type of data and information can be hacked and compromised have become endless.

How you may got malware infection

Malware writers use specific approach to get their hands on your device and the data it stores. To enact its attacks, malware coders have found a variety of vessels including email attachments, fake software installations, USB drives, malicious advertisements on popular sites (malvertising), phishing emails, infected apps, and even text messages.

Malware Types

There are not only ways malicious software can be delivered, but there are different types of malware itself including:
This malware variant almost always attached in a file and usually comes as an email attachment that holds a virus payload. Payload is the part of malware which execute the malicious action. Once the target user opens the file, the device gets infection.
To attack on the user, this malware variant doesn’t need user interaction or even a file. Instead, this malware strain equipped with the ability to copy itself from system to system, usually by exploiting your system’s or its operating system’s vulnerabilities and security weakness.
This malware strain is one of the most popular amongst cyber criminals because it is one of the most profitable types of variant. Ransomware simply installs itself onto the targeted user’s machine and encrypts the files machine has. Once it encrypts the data stored onto a victim’s machine, turns around and demands to pay a ransom (usually in Bitcoin) to return the data to the user.
Often cyber criminals leverage this type of malware. Trojans pretend as useful applications to trick uses to download and use them. Once they get installed on user’s machine and activate themselves. They may steal your personal data, spy on your online activities, crash a device, or even execute a DDoS attack.

How to fight against malware

Now when you know what malware is, many forms it may take, and how it may get delivered, it will be pretty easy for you to learn the ways how you may protect yourself against it:

Cybercriminals try to trade on vulnerabilities and weaknesses in old or outdated software to capitalize on, so make sure that you keep your applications and operating system updated. Security holes may expose you to the hackers and cyber criminals so install updates as soon as they become available, because updates are released to close security holes.
Don’t click on unknown links whether it comes via a social networking site, or a text message, email. Avoid opening an unfamiliar link and email attachment especially if it is coming from an unknown source.
Be selective and careful about which sites you visit. Visit only known and trusted sites. To avoid any malicious site, use a safe search plug-in.

Be careful about downloading some applications online. Check out your next favourite app before downloading it. Download all apps only from official app stores. Steer clear if something comes off as remotely fishy.
Cyber criminals depend and trade on laziness and inattentiveness so be aware and alert to beat their efforts. Don’t leave your machine unattended and don’t trust manipulative emails and advertisements. Educate your kids about the online frauds so that they can tackle the problems coming their way.

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5 Ways to Fight Against the Malicious Software
« on: July 31, 2017, 12:50:54 PM »


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