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Author Topic: How to Protect Dell Inspiron One 20 3048 Desktop from Viruses and IP Hackers?  (Read 643 times)


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Hello Guys!

I am concerned about the security of my Dell Inspiron One 20 3048 All-in-One desktop because I have read many horrible articles about viruses and IP address hackers.

I don’t want to compromise with the security of my computer so that I have taken help from some websites like:


I am unable to understand the solutions provided by these websites because I am not from technical background. Does anyone have a perfect solution?

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Hi Elizabeth!

It’s reality of modern days that our computer can be infected from viruses and spywares and with the help of spywares; hackers can get into our system and steal sensitive data. But if you perform some steps in order to protect your computer from online threats, you can prevent your computer from hackers:

•   Keep your firewall turned on.
•   Install or update your antivirus application.
•   Keep your operating system updated.
•   Be careful what you download.
•   Turn off your computer after completing work.

These are the steps through which you can protect your computer from unwanted issues and please visit the website to know how to perform these steps:

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