Author Topic: Automating Cyber Threat Defense is a Must to Survive  (Read 712 times)


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Automating Cyber Threat Defense is a Must to Survive
« on: May 10, 2017, 10:49:01 AM »

It is getting complex with the times and security organizations/ government agencies are continually being asked to do more with less of. They have less time, smaller budgets, and limited number of qualified personnel than ever before. So it has become a daunting task for cybersecurity professionals to increase incident response capacity, overall protection, and reduce incident response times in an environment when attack vectors and technology are increasing exponentially. Reducing the size of talent pool of qualified cyber security professionals will only encourage existing dangerous and threats.
Considering all the factors together, the point of concern is what to do to shore up defenses when there are limited qualified resources.  Your peers and bosses may put a limit to bring on new staff and ask you to change your tactics to make the most of a tough situation. This is the right time for the agencies to re-evaluate their current cybersecurity posture. They need to evaluate what the future could look like if they consider increased automation and orchestration from a software platform that focus on the cloud, endpoint, hybrid data centers and threat management. In today’s challenging digital scenario, businesses must automate cyber threat defense to survive.
The volume of new threats emerging every minute can overwhelm anyone even if you are one of the most skilled cyber professional and the complexity of the modern cyber threat landscape are not enough to challenge you. Across the board, a skilled cyber professional and its team may face a mismatch between each other and in this situation the growing number of sophisticated threats may attack and do the damage their developers and distributers looking for. To compound this gap, businesses need tools that compel analysts to manually connect the dots across them and that require even more effort and time. Automation is the only way that can optimize staff resources and manage critical IT and security services so that businesses can focus on their priorities while trusting that their infrastructure is secure. This will reduce complexity in the environment as well as cost.
Automated security systems can solve critical security problems and enable faster new hire onboarding, eliminate the need off routine tasks, and free your skilled talent to tackle your hardest problems. Automation is to reduce up to 70 percent manual effort and automation and orchestration together may reduced dwell time less than 24 hours from days when using a real-time analytics platform integrated with defensive cyber security tools.
Cyber security companies are focusing to create and integrated security system which automates the threat defense lifecycle so that businesses and organizations can address more threats faster with fewer resources. Cyber security agencies have designed and created integrated and automated security systems because they believe that it is better if protection, detection and correction are planned and operate together. The threat lifecycle of integrated security provides the best protection technology possible, as it can find advanced threats and remediates them quickly, while adapting protection technologies do the job of blocking the next threats. Statics show that organizations without an integrated security platform are 30 percent less protected than the organizations which are with an integrated security platform.
Together is Power. All organization can stay more protected if they share threat information with each other as professionals pursuing the same goals, bring the right tools together, and work together towards more secure enterprises in the private as well as public sectors.
With the technological advancement, there has been some significant rise in hacker activities, especially on online businesses. Such things can be handled successfully only when one is armed with the basic knowledge of such crimes and how to remove them. This can be deal with proper implementation of the Bitdefender Antivirus. This antivirus is a renowned one and easily remove malware from the system. To get any help for installation and configuration then call the Bitdefender tech support. Thus, it is highly mandatory that every business owner foes for the above mentioned security steps, so that they can protect their ecommerce business and thus gain greater financial growth and success!!

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Automating Cyber Threat Defense is a Must to Survive
« on: May 10, 2017, 10:49:01 AM »