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Author Topic: 4 Preventive measures to Avoid Ransomware Crisis  (Read 169 times)


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4 Preventive measures to Avoid Ransomware Crisis
« on: October 05, 2017, 01:02:34 PM »
Cybercriminals keep on trying multiple ways to make money and spreading ransomware in the digital space is one such way. Seeing the kind of response ransomware is giving to its writers, they started creating and developing more and more types of them and as a result they continue to grow like hurricane. Observing the risk, they involve, it is necessary that you as an aware user get known to the difference between major disaster and minor distractions when there is something unlikely happens. At basic level what you can do to ride it out is, lock down your device so that no one can access it and take the back of all your important data and files stored on your computer. This will help you to get prepared if ransomware and similar threats make landfall. Make this a habit as this will help when any cyber-attack takes place and encrypt your data. Habit of creating backups will definitely save you if you don’t have any way of retrieving the data other than paying ransom and if you are going to do the same then, let me tell you that it won’t make any difference as there is no guarantee that you will get your data back. Threats and infections are of evolving nature and with the time, they also get changed.

Here are 4 preventive measures that may be helpful in avoiding ransomware crisis at your office or home.

Group policies for Windows

There are multiple Cryptolocker prevention kits available in the market that you can use on your Windows as well as other devices in order to block all variants of it installing in their favorite directories.

Block malicious Tor IP addresses

There are few crypto-viruses that use the Tor anonymity network for command-and-control purposes. You can prevent most of the known malicious Tor IP addresses from fully installing by blocking them. There are different ranges are specified for different ransomware domains. Add this range to the Static Blacklist in your AccessEnforcer to block connections between this IP range and network.

Put the limit to the network shared access

Once ransomware get installed on your computer, it finds out the files that can be encrypted. For the same reason, it also checks the local machine, drivers installed on it, and the network. To make sure that ransomware could not infect the backups and files stored on your machine, check all network shares and backup locations, change administrator password so that no one can access your network, mount a backup for restore purposes, and make sure that other than you, no one else can alter permissions.

Filter out spam and malicious contents and attachments

To get installed on your devices, ransomware bundles themselves with other applications that users’ download and install of the internet. Many a times they may be attached with emails as well. So better you check that you have received the content and attachment from known and authorized source. Cybercriminals are using the same tactic to perform phishing attempts.

Along with keeping the about preventive points in mind, use web filtering for controlling the sites users can access, create an administrator account to make sure that only authorized user can modify applications or the operating system, prevent forced downloads by adjusting web browser’s settings, install a reputable anti-virus, maintain the latest versions of your antivirus, operating systems, applications, firewall, and other applications. Block all the ways that give them more power as once they are there, they will stick there.

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4 Preventive measures to Avoid Ransomware Crisis
« on: October 05, 2017, 01:02:34 PM »


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