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Author Topic: The New Fitbit Flex 2 is Smarter, Lighter, Cheaper, Waterproof, and Easy to Use  (Read 408 times)


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Back in 2013, Fitbit Flex was launched as a household wearable and this encore device blown away the people by its performance and popularity. With more features and flexibilities, Fitbit Flex 2 is out there to reserve the top slot for Fitbit back once again. Fitbit Flex 2 is waterproof, compact, better looking, and lighter than the old Flex. It has more tools for tracking like swim tracker and automatic sleep tracker. Fitbit Flex 2 is a stylish and good-looking digital accessory is available at affordable price. While using it for swim and automatic tracking activity, you have to follow some extra steps to activate it and in that case, it doesn’t have a good battery life. Like original Flex, the Flex 2 still gets the five-light array, but this time, it has more to offer.

Fitbit Flex 2 has a new SmartTrack system that will automatically track your workouts like running or bike riding without the need of opening the app. It also got a feature Reminders to Move that was earlier available only in the Fitbit Alta. If you will stay motionless for too long, your device will light up to tell you to walk at least 250 steps before the end of each hour. Along with smart tracking, you can customize the light array on the Flex 2 through the Fitbit dashboard for different types of reminders like text messages, phone calls, or pre-set goals. The Flex 2 is Fitbit’s truly waterproof device that can give you an approx idea how many miles or laps or yards you swim and it is waterproof up to 50m.

If you want to upgrade, there are number of reasons to upgrade to Flex 2. Like other Fitbit products, it is easy to set up and pair with your mobile phone and more intuitive than the original Flex. It has easy-to-understand interface and you can easily customize everything on the app. Size wise, the Flex 2 is significantly smaller than its predecessor and its tracker is just have 31.7 x 8.9 x 6.8 mm dimensions. It weighs just 0.83 ounces that making it 30% smaller and quite lighter than the original Flex. It has slim and small size bands that you can simply pop the tracker into and then clip to your wrist. Because of its small size, it’s comfortable to wear and the bands is available in four different colors: lavender, black, magenta, and navy.

Altogether, the Flex 2 is an impressive and smart fitness tracker that is available at a fantastic price. Along with using it with your Android or iOS device, this device is a solid choice for tracking activity and exercise for the casual athlete. In terms of price and features like waterproof, there is no better alternative Fitbit Flex 2. If you use it in recommended way, it will stay for a few years.

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