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Author Topic: iPhone 8 Plus Won't Overshadow iPhone 8 Model  (Read 310 times)


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iPhone 8 Plus Won't Overshadow iPhone 8 Model
« on: December 20, 2016, 09:23:39 AM »
iPhone 8 has started making stories even before its release.  Many rumors are circulating and gadget experts are presuming what changes iPhone’s 8 and Plus may have, how many new features will be included, etc. Many of the iPhone 8 rumors swirling about how different iPhone 8 Plus will be from iPhone 8. iPhone users are making rough guesses about iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and comparing the two versions. Users are focusing more on the iPhone Plus and its larger screen, but it doesn’t make iPhone 8 any less or a bore.

As per circulating rumors, it is expected that Apple plans to release the 4.7-inch iPhone next year that will come with an all-glass enclosure and may feature wireless charging. There are rumors obtained from the Tech gadget review sites also say that Apple's larger phone or at least, one version of Apple's larger phone may feature OLED screen whereas Apple’s smaller devices will not feature it. Till date, if you try to find the fact in the speculations, OLED screens have dominated most of the iPhones rumors and many of users are expecting that Apple will upgrade the iPhone 8's screen to offer a smooth experience and a display that offer better color saturation and contrast. 

If there is some fact in the rumor that Apple alongside the standard iPhone and iPhone Plus models would offer an OLED-equipped iPhone 8. Although, a shortage of OLED panels may put a limitation on the number of iPhone models will feature OLED panels and there is a strong probability that Apple may leave the 4.7-inch iPhone versions stuck with the same LCD screen. The 4.7-inch iPhone models may not be featuring OLED, but it doesn't mean that the new smaller Apple devices will be devoid of all new features. It is expected that Apple has a strong desire to deliver a better 4.7-inch iPhone next year so that smaller handsets can continue to be in demand.

The iPhone 8 may have an all-glass redesign that is crucial for wireless charging. There is a reason why Apple is very much interested in making a major chassis change. Apple could make wireless charging possible on a metal unibody iPhone and glass will make it easier to send power through the handset.  Still, even with wireless charging support, it is not expected that with the 4.7-inch model, Apple will bundle a wireless charger. If Apple gadget reviewers make a guess as per the previous announcements of the Apple about its previously released devices, that wireless charging bundles will be ubiquitous in 2018 and the 4.7-inch iPhone will deliver "notably superior specs."

Although Apple hasn’t verified any rumor, but the company also hasn’t denied about the buzz circulating in the market and making stories about its new release. As you may have noticed in past, Apple will not say a word till the time it doesn’t make its new device ready to go and hit the market next year.
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iPhone 8 Plus Won't Overshadow iPhone 8 Model
« on: December 20, 2016, 09:23:39 AM »


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