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Author Topic: Intel’s Acquisition with Replay Technologies gets Unique 3D Video Tech  (Read 376 times)


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Visual aspect is the life of any play and with the help of speedy processors and high-quality camera-equipped sports stadiums Replay Technologies has been giving an amazing experience to the fans of every play. Many sports lovers actually yell out at the instant when they could not get the proper visual of their favorite sport. With the new high-definition sports replay technology, each one of you can see and enjoy any sport. High-definition sports replay technology captures 360-degree views and many professional sports leagues are using the same technology as it gives flexibility to the fans to access to the same real-world angles as the pros on the sidelines.

After the Intel’s acquisition with Replay Technologies, At CES 2016 Intel demonstrated how this replay technology can change the game for fans. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said I his Keynote that, “What you are seeing here is the power to redefine what it means to watch and experience sports.” Further, he said “It captures the sports action you love and turns it into a true 3D experience that you can re-watch as if you are right in the game.” He also said that we are focusing on seeing this technology come to the biggest playing grounds in the world. 

This technology is also known as freeD replays and it is going to give you the unique experience of watching plays from every angle, re-watch key moments, and enjoying the thrill of victory. Today, freeD tech is being utilized in dozens of sports arenas across the National Football League and Major League Baseball. This technology use Teledyne Dalsa Falcon 2 cameras and by creating a grid of 5k sensors, it make 360-degree replays possible. An Intel high-performance computing (HPC) system turns the 2D data into 3D volumetric pixels or “voxels.”

360-degree replays give new insights into highlight-reel plays. Krzanich said with this technology, you become the director as you can change and control the view to any perspective you want. The speedy turnaround from 2D footage to 360-degree replays is the most impressive key point of this technology.  Vice president of marketing and communications for Replay Technologies, Preston Philips said that ‘freeD video,’ allows you to not only create ‘impossible views’ replays for broadcast, but also renders the complete interactivity to home users on their 6th Generation Intel Core processor, ushering a new type visual language and video format.

Further, he said that sooner you will experience that video would see a complete 3D representation of reality, merging existing concepts of entertainment. He also included that interactive games will fuse with sports broadcasting, cinema will fuse with theater, and you will be able to digitally share a physical space with other sitting thousands of miles away using VR types or holographic of enabling technology. This technology will be influencing how people control and interact what they’re watching. If you tie this technology to TV remote controls, it will respond on voice commands and gesture.

While watching the soccer game, if you say, ‘pan left’ or ‘pan right’ it will adjust the volume up and down. You can swipe across on the screen to find out what’s around.” It means fans will get a truly close-up view of the action if they jump into the game from any device. Altogether, the technology potentially has a broader usage just than sports broadcasting because it is compute-intensive. To make it work, it takes a bunch of servers running Intel chips.
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