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Author Topic: Huawei Fit is the New Entrant in the Crowd of Fitness Watches  (Read 290 times)


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Huawei Fit is the New Entrant in the Crowd of Fitness Watches
« on: November 23, 2016, 06:09:15 AM »
Huawei's has enlisted its newly designed fitness watch in the list of fitness watches that includes a wide range of features. There are many people who want to be fit, but due to the lacking motivation, there enthusiasm drop down. Huawei Fit gives a motivation to those who want to be fit but bit lethargic to initiate the fitness process and push the limits to get new fitness standards.

Monitoring your fitness activities encourage you to put more efforts and change your behavior towards your own fitness. The Huawei device is the aluminum Fit that has traditional-look and comes in two colors: silver or dark gray with a round face 1.5-in diameter. It is extremely lightweight device having polyurethane band (in black, blue or orange). It is comfortable to wear and due to its traditional look, it is easy to swap it for a traditional watch band.

The watch is simple has 1.04-in. LCD touch screen with a 208 x 208 resolution. In medium-light environments, everything will be visible and for low-light situations, the Fit does have backlighting that will reflect automatically or you can manually start that by tapping the screen. To access its features, the Huawei Fit touch screen does not require a side button. It's always on, means you can always use it as a watch also.

The battery life is fine enough. To use the watch and see various categories, swipe up or down. Most of the times it is easy to interact with the device overall, but occasionally touch screen got a bit cranky and does not respond swiftly. There are Workout modes for running, walking, treadmill or swimming, and other categories enlists other types of activities like the numbers of steps you've walked, Heart Rate, Training Plan, your preferences and statistics  like age, weight, etc.

The Fit watch will also track your sleeping, notify you if you are sitting in one place too long, and receive notifications of incoming calls. An accelerometer, gyrometer and heart rate sensor are fitted in the Fit. If you want to track your distance, you can map it through the Huawei Wear app on your phone. For the same purpose, you can use third-party app also.

All together, the Huawei Fit is a good device that is lightweight and comfortable. It will last at least six days on a charge if you track your workouts, walking, and other fitness activities.

You can extensively use your fit watch by connecting it to your smartphone. If you need any kind of assistance to connect it with your Android device, call the PCTECH24 experts for the help. PCTECH24 have experienced technicians to support for Android devices so that you can enjoy extended services and performance.

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Huawei Fit is the New Entrant in the Crowd of Fitness Watches
« on: November 23, 2016, 06:09:15 AM »


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