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Author Topic: Differentiate the Difference Between iOS 8 and iOS 9  (Read 404 times)


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Differentiate the Difference Between iOS 8 and iOS 9
« on: June 11, 2015, 08:30:18 AM »
One day before Apple has launched iOS 9 officially which has a few good things of its predecessors and packed with A lot of new changes? Since iOS 9 is offering more features so let’s find how it’s differ or better than iOS 8.


In iOS 9 Siri also has become smarter and now it accepts natural commands across various aspects of your phone. Means it can execute your commands beautifully if you order it for anything like if you’re searching camera photos just order it ‘show me photos from last December’ or  command it “for reminding anything important”.

Apple has made a big deal on its performance and now it’s available with THE improved accuracy rate, pointing to a 5% error rate in word recognition. And further it’ll be open to third party apps with the request because within spotlight it’ll be able to tie queries into particular locations, searches and apps.

Proactive support

Till now it has been proved many times that Apple is consistently making efforts to reduce the reliance on Google. It is the next step in the same because ‘Proactive’ is a same kind of assistance for iOS 9 users, which integrates the information across contacts, Siri, third party apps, passbook and calendar to extract more relevant information in real-time. Now it can show you the boarding passes, automatic and auto updated calendar entries from messages and emails and route map. Moreover, it’s based on a very intelligent program which fetches your daily activities and performs them before you next time. Like if you listen to music while running every morning it’ll open the music app when you’ll connect your headphones. Also it can segregate the interest according to the situation.

Upgraded spotlight is the result of super powerful Siri and Proactive.  In iOS 9 if you’ll swipe left on the home screen it’ll bring a page displaying contextual data with links to suggested apps, calendar events, common contacts, geo-source local information, etc.

Keeps uninstalled apps hidden

Since lots of default apps come up with iOS and all are not useful from users’ point of view. In such case they are useless to them and only clog up the home screen. There is flexibility in iOS 9 to hide those apps by picking the option against them in the setting window.

Preview and text edit

These are two new apps or you’ve seen these two programs in Mac. They are surely not big inclusion, but they’ll simplify your text reading experience. You can preview the documents stored in the cloud and manipulate them in your own style.


This is interesting and intelligent inclusion because it can control many devices using your iPhone if they are connected to it. This application is like the Internet of things allows you to use Siri or Home app to control the smart devices. 

Less dependency on iTunes

Being an iOS user doesn’t guarantee that you’ll like iTunes. In iOS 9 you’re not forced to use iTunes while connecting your device to the computer. It’s great that it’s allowing you to manage your folders, copy, cut and paste things in your own way.


iOS 9 has included a ‘Rootless’ security system which is intended to provide high security to your device. Even administrator level users can gain the access of your confidential information.

And while using the Wi-Fi if your connection is not secured how your devices can. Today phones are the hub where many people stores their personal IDs, passwords, credit card details, other financial details, etc. so encrypt your connection to keep your device safe from the eavesdroppers.

Certainly new products are coming up with better features and replacing the old ones, but the best part of new best products is that they always adopt the best features of their predecessors. Because the aim of Apple with the launch of iOS 9 is to give the end user more smooth experience.

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Differentiate the Difference Between iOS 8 and iOS 9
« on: June 11, 2015, 08:30:18 AM »


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