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Author Topic: Apple’s New iPad 's may Come up with Surprise as Getting Redesigned Completely  (Read 374 times)


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According to the reports released by the Japanese Apple blog, the next iPad may get a complete makeover. Reports claimed that Apple's next new redesigned iPad will be available in 2017. As per the research, it is expected that there will be no home button in the next iPad. This is not the new rumor and users may expect it as Apple may tend to do the same with its next iPhone flagship going to hit the market in year 2017. At this point of time, users may not speculate how easy it will be for Apple to implement the idea of eliminating the home button's features. Although, it is not clear, but the company may use touch ID or returning to the home screen from within apps, without a button.

At this point of time, it's pure presumption that either Apple may embed home button in the display (like many of the recent Android devices) or just place it on the back of the next iPhone. There is one more rumor that the next iPad will have a border-less design as a result the front surface would consist mostly of the display. However, at the top of the device where the camera is usually found, there may be at least one relatively large bezel so it may not be completely border-less. The new iPad and iPhone may have design and looks similar to the awful Mi Mix smartphone made by Xiaomi. The Mi Mix phone almost has a border-less design with only a single border at the bottom where it has the front-facing camera.

To make Mi Mix a perfect flat smartphone, its home button is on the back and at the front side, it has smooth surface. Although, Apple has not spilled the beans yet about the design and specifications of its next iPad, but analysts are expecting that Apple may release the next iPad in March and as usual its iPhone in September with these specifications.

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