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Author Topic: Acer Spin 7 Review  (Read 411 times)


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Acer Spin 7 Review
« on: December 24, 2016, 10:32:35 AM »
At a first look when you see and open the Acer Spin 7 laptop, you will be pleased to see that it is well-designed a very thin device. It looks like the platonic ideal of a Windows 10 touchscreen laptop. It has got decent look (black color), well-made, light, and just ready to quietly get out of the way and allows you to do anything. Acer has given specific attention on "quietly," as this laptop doesn’t have any fans. Even though it cost a hefty price of $1,249, but still, it leaves a very good first impression. Technology is changing at a rapid pace hence hardware industry is also manufacturing more advance devices at regular intervals to stay in the competition.

Excluding a few ones, every new computer has one or other flaws that doesn’t allow a device to work at its full potential.  The closest analogue to Acer’s Spin 7 is actually the 2016 MacBook, not a Windows laptop as the Spin 7 is focused on being hyper mobile and almost tablet-esque in its design. It is a fan-less device that weighs just over two and a half pounds and less than half an inch thick.

It is an attempt to build a Windows version of Mac

When comparing the two devices head-to-head, both of them have some merits and demerits. The Spin 7 has squared-off edges that give it the sense of solidity without whereas; much weight MacBook is thin to the point of ridiculousness. The Spin 7 is simple in design and just matte black almost everywhere except the only flourish, a silver border around the surprisingly large touchpad. The Spin 7 is made of aluminum which gives it an attractive look, but if you put human hands on it, it will showcase fingerprints and palm prints at the same point where you put your hand.

It has an Intel chip inside that is powerful enough for most of your regular computing tasks. The Spin 7 is more directly competitive with Apple’s ultra-mobile laptop than any other laptop but it still deserves to be taken on its own terms. One such point that makes it worth trying is a touchscreen on a hinge that users can wrap all the way around.  The Spin 7 also has a long list of cons and the first one is, its not so good battery life. Second, it uses USB-C ports for everything although, there is a headphone jack.

Acer has used two different variations of USB-C so that one can be used to drive the display and other can be used for power or USB things. Acer has included both a USB and HDMI adapter in the box. It doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3 and also not an SD card slot. Though it keyboard has much better key travel and you will feel great while typing on it, but there is no backlight on the keyboard. The trackpad, is very large and it feels great mousing around on such a wide surface, but it is sad that Acer didn’t do the necessary work on the drivers. For toggling the touchpad on and off, there’s a mysterious button on the keyboard.

The battery and inconsistent trackpad may put you also off of this machine, but it is powerful enough to get the job done. It is think and looks elegant, but doesn’t work up to potential.

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Acer Spin 7 Review
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