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Author Topic: Use Portrait Mode in iPhone7 plus for Best Shot  (Read 527 times)


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Use Portrait Mode in iPhone7 plus for Best Shot
« on: December 09, 2016, 06:29:52 AM »
Apple just released some advanced tips for professional photographers for clicking in the Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. There is a Tips app on the iPhone, where some default tips re already present, for those that thought these tips are enough then you thought wrong. However Apple is finally sharing a few tips online. Although fairly simple to use, these tips can help a new user to better understand the dual-camera feature and how to get the best picture out of Portrait Mode. The software uses an arrangement of facial recognition and data from the iPhone 7 Plus’ two cameras to make a depth map.
Apple claims that the iPhone is presently the most standard camera in the world as it is increasing popularity among photographers according to a survey by Flickr in 2016. Read out these basic tips from professional photographers who have revealed creative methods to make their Portrait-Mode pictures better.
1st Tip
Get up in there! It's real that if you don't get close to eight feet of your subject as noted on the iPhone screen, the dual cameras of iPhone can't create the shallow depth of feel that makes this upgrade amazing. Objects closer to the camera will be less distorted, while objects further away are more distorted, just like you would expect if you were using a larger sensor camera and fast lens. This tip is for those that have shy subjects to click such as kids, pets, etc. Professional Fashion and lifestyle photographer says that the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait mode enhances value for those with lower than marketable budgets. Always get close to your subject to get the best shot and bring out the details.

2nd Tip

Find soft, dim lighting to actually see portrait mode work. Placing your object in shade, even near a softly lit window or low sun will click a really nice, soft picture. Even without pro lighting kit, the photographer can click a great, quality look. Celebrity photographer says, eliminate out the disruptions from your subject, and, try to find the shadow and put the sun behind your subject as a great back light.

3rd Tip

Bring out the genuineness in the settings. With the dual cameras present, you can form the softness of a sunset, however grab up the feature of your subject. Portrait mode on the new iPhone 7 Plus forms beautifully realistic background bokeh that are highly competitive to DSLRs. Give your life some space and indulge in great shooting experience. Portrait mode uses the telephoto lens, thus a distance of around eight feet away is suggested. Have treats ready. You'll get the best pictures when your subject is stationery.

If you are not familiar with the working of Portrait mode on your iPhone 7 plus simply contact an Apple iPhone tech support center. The technicians at this support center are highly professional in the iPhone issues. All these technicians are trained by Apple Company itself and are certified too.

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Use Portrait Mode in iPhone7 plus for Best Shot
« on: December 09, 2016, 06:29:52 AM »


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