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Author Topic: Review of iPad Pro 9.7in  (Read 520 times)


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Review of iPad Pro 9.7in
« on: August 09, 2016, 12:22:48 PM »
Apple has tried to take over the laptop culture with its slick and superfast tablet, but it is not completely perfect. 9.7in iPad Pro is an appealing new mid-size tablet that is may prove the best tool on the go. It is a mid-size iPad that users were calling iPad Air 3 rather than iPad Pro. Apple has shrunk-down the device with the thought that it may replace a laptop, but frankly speaking, it could not. Below all the specifications, features and performance of the device is explained, so just find out is it value for money or not:

Look wise, it is a close match to the iPad Air 2 and its dimensions and weight are very much identical. It brings in four speakers - two at the top, two at the bottom. The speakers at the bottom are spaced a bit further apart and as a result it gives more immersive audio experience in terms of richer sound.

The Pro 9.7 is faster -than the Air 2 and the credit goes to its A9X processor chip. Generally you may not notice too much difference between the two, but when it comes to using more and more processor-intensive apps and games old devices will be left behind. All the software, apps, and programs are being released keeping the newest generation of hardware in mind.

In most respects size, sharply responsive multitouch functionality, resolution and pixel density, the 9.7-inch touchscreen Retina-class display is the same as that on the Air 2. But iPad Pro packs in one more optional feature called True Tone that is designed make subtle adjustments in the screen's color output to if environmental light conditions are not favorable.

Rear-facing camera has one other noticeable physical change and now it will stick out and scratch on the desk if iPad is lay flat on its back. The rear-facing camera now has been pushed from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels and also has a Flash. The front-facing camera is also pushed drastically from 1.2Mp to 5Mp and has the Retina flash feature.

Battery, Accessories, and price
It battery backup is pretty impressive and may last for 11hrs, 2m an average.
Apple has launched it as a replacement of laptop with a new keyboard case alongside. You can connect your 9.7 in iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard using a port on its left-hand edge. Moreover, you can also use a wonderful Apple Pencil stylus on it, but it is pretty expensive. Its 32GB model costs $599, 128 GB costs 749$, 256 GB costs $899, and with Wi-Fi + Cellular 32 GB model costs $729, 128 GB costs $879, and 256 GB costs $1029.

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Review of iPad Pro 9.7in
« on: August 09, 2016, 12:22:48 PM »


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